Bug Fixes

This is going to be a short post. I'd like to thank Boasting Toast from smashboards.com for pointing out some bugs in the current build. So tonight I took a few hours to crank out some fixes and I have to say, the game feels a lot smoother and just looks nicer than before. Here's a list of the problems and how they were fixed.
  - CPUs would get stuck on ledges. Okay the problem here was that when you get on a ledge, you must first release the joystick and buttons before you can push a button to get off. The AI had no concept of this so once I put that in it they now get off flawlessly
  - F-air is overpowered. This was a problem where the attack unexpectedly would take multiple hits on the character. Therefore instead of dealing the expected 8% damage, could potential deal 50% if timed right.
  - Attacks not sending characters far enough to sides. This was a tricky one. When a character is hit, it has his x velocity set to the attack's power. The problem was the character's air friction almost immediately drained this velocity to 0, so I had to slow down the air friction when fixed

I've also added a few bells and whistles in which you might see in the video.


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