Happy 4th!!

So I know I'm a day late but...happy 4th to everyone!

Smash Clash News:
So I've been working hard to get the game to actually be playable, meaning you can actually hit your opponents! (Imagine that!) So I'm proud to say that all the attacks are in and the hitboxes work perfectly. Now you can have the world's first 4-player platformer fighting game in your pocket!

One of the biggest parts of this updates is that projectiles are finally working. There still remains a few problems with them, but those bugs should be fixed in the next update.

What's anything without food? Pick up the fruit for a health boost!

AI: CPUs now target the closest enemy and can fight decently.

I'm taking the development of multiplayer one step at a time. For this version, I got it so four players can connect into one room and select characters together.

And if that wasn't enough for you guys, here is the full list of updates!
 - Menu sound effects
 - Background camera fixed
 - Flash of light and particle effect when character dies
 - Game camera doesn't move too far away from stage
 - Timer at top of screen
 - All attacks
 - On screen stats
 - Hitboxes
 - Basic mode-type AI (switches between follow and attack mode)
 - Question mark boxes for characters
 - Characters flinch when attacked
 - Damage taken when attacked
 - Local save files
 - Adjust size of controls
 - Credits
 - One person on a ledge at a time
 - Pan during pause
 - Character select for multiplayer
 - Projectiles for characters (ex. fireball)
 - First item

Download it here for Android!

Or watch the video of it below!


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