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Smash Clash - New Stage

Two of our artists, Brian and Luke, have developed a very different kind of stage. We plan to add an element into the stage which makes it more dynamic. Not 100% sure if it will be complete by release of version 0.3, but you can still hope for it. Here is a screenshot of the first version. It takes place on a space station orbiting the Earth. The two platforms are slightly at different heights allowing for a unique playing field where characters can use one jump to go to the right platform, but requiring two for the left. I hope you look forward to seeing this in the update. Also you may have notices the eye in the upper right corner of the screen. I'll let you guys guess what that is. SMASH CLASH Like us on  Facebook Follow us on  Twitter Email us at impactgamesstudio [at]

New Smash Clash Character

Recently I've began working with aniforlife from Deviant Art, and I must say, his work has been far past spectacular. Here is a sneak peak of the new character he is making for Smash Clash. His work is great so do him a favor and visit him at  and "watch" him or whatever following is called on Deviant Art. Also, this character has yet to be named. He will use punches, kicks and fire to fight. If you have any name suggestions comment them here or send me a message at impactgamesstudio [at] (replace [at] with @). Smash Clash Like us on  Facebook Follow us on  Twitter

What is Changing in Smash Clash 0.2.5

It's finally here! A lot has changde in 0.2.5. So without further to do..... Aesthetics: Particles are beginning to be used to their full potential such as red and white trails off the fireballs. You might also notice the fireballs themselves have been enlarged. Players now each have their own player marker. In singleplayer, yours will always be red, while the CPUs have a grew arrow. When you hit someone hard, you can see it now. Your opponent will not only flinch, but start to spin. The harder you hit them, the faster they spin. Additionally, the menu has been given a slight upgrade in its look. AI: The CPUs have had some major improvements in version 0.2.5. They can get off ledges on their own (imagine that!) and they can attack you when you are sitting on the ledge. CPUs will not sucide on their own (a glitch in previous versions). Additionally, small tweets have been made to how the CPU behaves in general. New Button: A new "B" button has be