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Smash Clash Update

It's finally here!!! This update focus on the mechanics, speed, menus and stability of the game. So don't expect more content from it. In my last post I put out some things to look for in the update, but here's a list of everything which was changed in depth. Scoring   One of the main problems in the last version was that there was no way of telling who was winning and who was losing. Now there's a nice quick way to see how you're stacking up against your opponents. Gain one point for a kill, and lose one for a death. Winner is declared   May seem like a small thing, but this actually makes the game seem more like a You can actually see if you won afterwards. Quick fall (jam joystick down)   This subtle change in physics has improve the gameplay drastically. It keeps players closer to the ground, and adds more depth to the game as you have more options while not on the ground. More particles   I doubled the particles, and

Some New Thoughts

It's been awhile since I've posted, so here's a quick status on how Smash Clash's development is going. Graphics 2.0 One of the major things which will be changed in 0.3.1 alpha is that I'm converting the entire game to support the newest version of Corona SDK. This will allow me to take advantage of their new graphics 2.0 engine which includes water effects, better transitions, 2.5D effects and just an overall faster performance with the game. With these abilities, you can expect to see more particle effects in the future (yay particles) and a higher frame rate if you're using an older device. Local Multiplayer This allows two players to play on one device. This game mode will be primarily used for tablets due to screen size, but for now I'm going to keep it in the phone version to let testers tell me what they think. There're currently some issues which I'm working on resolving, such as the act pushing down a buttons, causes the other player&