A Few Thoughts

Despite going through the college process and fighting senioritis, Smash Clash is still going strong in development. The next alpha test, version 0.3.2, is being aimed for completion in mid-March. Unlike previous updates, this time around I am focusing on the game's content rather than the physics. Because of this, expect to find more bugs as I will be trying new things (such as moving stages, new characters, new game modes).

I took a lot of time to figure this out, but the game is now to the point where we can have interactive stages. The new version will have two unlockable stages, one which is a side-scrolling one. I am also having a new character added into the mix along with removing the gross brown one (nobody liked him). The menu screens are being redone by an amazing artist who wishes to remain anonymous. The game will also have so more depth to it as charge attacks are being added in. Last but not least is singleplayer mode. Hopefully by the time of the release we will have our first level in the game so you can try it out!


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