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Follow Up on Corona Labs (now Solar2d)

 Wow! Has Vlad done a great job with the Solar2d game engine after Corona Labs shutdown! As I said in a previous post, Corona SDK (now renamed to Solar2d for obvious reasons) is mobile focused game engine close to my heart. It was owned by a company called Corona Labs which recently shutdown. Now the engine is open source. And the community still very active! So over the Summer I was able to contribute to the budding Solar2d community by creating some plugins and open sourcing previous paid plugins. Here's a list of plugins I've created. SolarWebSockets  - Websocket support for iOS, tvOS, Android, HTML5 (and someone needs to help me with Windows because I don't have a PC). Supports server and client and WSS for clients. I'm very proud of having made most of this in span of one night. QuickJs  - A way to call Javascript code in Solar2d without all the extra boilerplate Material Colors - Easy way to choose colors from code eTransition  - Control the playback of Solar2d