Follow Up on Corona Labs (now Solar2d)

 Wow! Has Vlad done a great job with the Solar2d game engine after Corona Labs shutdown!

As I said in a previous post, Corona SDK (now renamed to Solar2d for obvious reasons) is mobile focused game engine close to my heart. It was owned by a company called Corona Labs which recently shutdown. Now the engine is open source. And the community still very active!

So over the Summer I was able to contribute to the budding Solar2d community by creating some plugins and open sourcing previous paid plugins. Here's a list of plugins I've created.

  • SolarWebSockets - Websocket support for iOS, tvOS, Android, HTML5 (and someone needs to help me with Windows because I don't have a PC). Supports server and client and WSS for clients. I'm very proud of having made most of this in span of one night.
  • QuickJs - A way to call Javascript code in Solar2d without all the extra boilerplate
  • Material Colors - Easy way to choose colors from code
  • eTransition - Control the playback of Solar2d's transition library
  • Embeddable Scrollview - I solved the impossible and embeddable scrollview in Solar2d!
I think there are a few others I forgot, but you can always find those and other people's plugins by searching at the plugin directory!

I have also started several other plugins, but unfortunately will not be able to work on those until 2021 (or  later?) because my free development time is almost entirely devoted App Maker and Live App--more on that in another post.

And my current Solar2d game projects are also unfortunately on hold. These include:
  • Multiplayer support for Smash Clash
  • HTML5 versions of Smash Clash and Kill the King
  • Fun io-styled minigames
  • A multiplayer trivia game
I love game development, but I'm just one person. Until I can some day go independent full time, I won't have the ability to finish all my projects.


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