New Character! Mr. Puffs

Mr. Puffs

That's right, we have a third character coming to Smash Clash. Aniforlife is doing an amazing job with him so give him a visit at

Currently his moveset consists of a fin slap, ice master (as seen above) and belly flop! Mr. Puffs will be about to easily get around his opponents due to his lower center of gravity and size. Watch out for spamming one attack (such as ice master). A spam blocker will be implemented into the game mechanics soon.

Gives you something to look forward to in the coming versions, right? Don't forget to sign up for the alpha test in the downloads section to secure your spot for further Smash Clash updates! Only 30 remaining!

Another quick update, Smash Clash is now using Photon Cloud, a realtime, multiplayer, cross platform service for online games. I highly recommend them for indie developers as they are easy to work with an have great prices for indies.


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